Joyful Hands


When we think of fitness, the hands tend to be off our radar, and it is time to focus on them and make them happy. Use these fitness tools to help your hands be healthy and come alive.

Week 1


Find a hand stone, and keep it with you.

  1. Pick a time, usually before bed or waking.
  2. Crulse using hand stone.
  3. Do daily and take days off when needed.

Hand Stone Demonstration


Week 2


Take it up a notch.

  1. Use lotions and oils.
  2. Warm the stone.
  3. Thump tissue. 

 Week 3


Find a hand strand, and keep it with you. Continue using stone too.

  1. Pick a time, usually before bed or waking.
  2. Crulse using hand strand.
  3. Do daily and take days off when needed.

Hand Strand Demonstration

  • Do be patient as you learn and grow.
  • Do 'ride the razor's edge'; aka do proper movements that feel good in succession.
  • Do be aware of your breathing.
  • Do work on your breathing if necessary.
  • Do crulsing in a relaxed and focused state.
  • Do explore as much as possible and then build from there based on what you discover.
  • Do allow yourself the freedom to make, oh my goodness, this feels good sounds while practicing.
  • Don't strain or over-exert yourself; you are not exercising. 
  • Don't increase your heartbeat above everyday activities, e.g., walking, lifting light things, etc.; if so, back off or rest.
  • Don't get out of breath; if so, back off or take a rest.
  • Don't get dizzy; if so, back off or take a rest.
  • Don't push it, please.
  • Don't do anything painful, please.
  • Don't overdo it, please; thank you.


Use the hands to teach the feet in the next lesson.