To develop a successful crulsing technique that can be applied to the whole body, it is crucial to start by calibrating your hands, feet, and spine. Once these areas are aligned, you can focus on calibrating your posture and gait and then work on the other core practices such as standing, squatting, bending, kneeling, hanging, jumping, walking, running, and more. Following this process can improve your physical fitness and movement efficiency.

By focusing on the trifecta of hands, feet, and spine first, you can establish a strong foundation for understanding, developing, and improving your crulsing skills. This will help you move more efficiently and effectively and allow you to achieve your physical fitness goals.

Crulsing can help you maintain good posture, whether stationary (static posture) or moving (dynamic posture). This can help prevent pain, injuries, and other health issues and ensure your body is aligned and functioning correctly.