Crulsing Is Natural

All the benefits of exercise without the exercise. ~ Gary William Birmingham, USAF Disabled Veteran

1. Crulsing Is Not Exercise


When crulsing, you are working the razor's edge of your body's natural fitness system—using minimal impact to achieve the most significant rewards and benefits. That will make you think you are exercising, but you are not.

Remember, you are calibrating your body, not exercising; this is not physical therapy either.

Note: Crulsing can be used for exercise and physical therapy, but always consult and work with a professional first.

A Baby Can Do It

Crulsing is so easy even a baby can do it. Oh wait, they already do. Do you see kids hitting the gym to walk? To run? To play? It all looks natural. Go figure.

Babies, toddlers, and kids map, coordinate, and calibrate their bodies naturally:

  1. Mapping: Identifying all the sensory nerves throughout their bodies.
  2. Coordinating: Using different muscles and levers together to create specific movement.
  3. Calibrating: Adjusting the mental image in their mind to match their physical bodies.

When babies and children move, their actions feel joyful, moving with purpose.


Immediate Results

When you begin calibrating using crulsing, you feel the results and see them. There is no disconnect waiting for results.

And even after a session, you feel and see results long after it is over. If you plateau in one area crulsing, there is always another area to explore and experience.

Riding the razor's edge daily creates a cumulative positive effect on the body.

The growth from crulsing is phenomenal and exponential—it will amaze you. ~ Gary William Birmingham, USAF Disabled Veteran

2. Musical Movement


Joyful movement is a part of your natural fitness system.

Symphony Orchestra:

  • Muscles the strings.
  • Breathing the woodwinds.
  • Joints the brass.
  • Bones the percussion.


  • You are the composer.
  • The body's homeostasis is the conductor.
  • The natural fitness system fine-tunes the instruments.
  • Your movement is the playing of the instruments.
  • Your senses firing is the sound produced, the music you hear.

Ukulele Strings

So, take, for example, a ukulele; if the strings are loose, you cannot hear anything. If over-tightened, they sound horrific but tuned right, they sound wonderful.

Like the ukulele, you tune your muscles to hear their sound as you make movements.

Movement should feel good and sound like beautiful music.

Surround Sound

The natural fitness system is like a mixing console inputting various sensory sources to create an outstanding musical output in surround sound.


Crulse regularly to enjoy life in surround sound; never let the music stop. ~ Gary William Birmingham, USAF Disabled Veteran

Proprioception, vestibular, kinesthesia, and other senses each have their own purpose, and they are not interchangeable. They are hardwired for distinct functions.

3. The Biggest Reason


Crulsing will help move you toward your natural state of being. Giving you the freedom to move joyfully with purpose throughout life.