In 1989, I served as a USAF Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory specialist. During that time, I received a severe head injury. The injury and extreme conditions from it ended my military career. After transferring to civilian life, the conditions worsened.

I continued to suffer and spiral down, but I struggled through and survived. In 2008, like so many times before, I hit rock bottom—except this time, I realized I would not make it if something drastic did not happen. So, I decided to use my skills as a metrologist to fix myself.
It could not hurt and sure beats the alternative.

The first thought was, what would I do if I were a piece of equipment? And that began my journey to crawl out of a deep black hole.

I did many things to calibrate myself, some successful and some unsuccessful. One of my priorities was finding a fitness program to calibrate me, but nothing worked for me. That left me with the dilemma—if I cant find something, I would have to produce my own.

With a lot of head pounding, two years later, in 2010, I produced a wellness program that worked for me, and I would eventually call it Crulse, crulsing. From there, I spent the last decade using crulsing and refining it.

I credit it with part of keeping me alive. But it did more than that; it gave me the freedom to move in child-like ways again.

And now, I am sharing it in hopes it can help many others out there.