Get Crulse Fit - No Exercise Needed

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Return To And Maintain Your Youthful State Of Being

Learn To Crulse

No Pain Needed - Only Joyful Movements

Learn To Crulse

Work & Play - Crulse Anywhere, Anyplace

Learn To Crulse
All the benefits of exercise without the exercise. ~ Gary William Birmingham, USAF Disabled Veteran (Creator and founder of Crulse)

Core Benefits

No Exercise Needed

The body's natural fitness system works similarly through regular activity or exercise. Crulsing is an activity, not an exercise, and activities have the benefits of exercise minus many drawbacks.

Youthful State Of Being

Crulsing is an activity to calibrate your body's natural fitness system that develops and maintains the body's homeostasis, a natural state of being. Improving homeostasis is returning to and maintaining your youthful state of being.

No Pain Needed

The natural fitness system, which works off of needs and rewards, doesn't require pain but gives incredible joy when properly used.

Crulse Anywhere, Anyplace

Crulsing, aka joyful movement, can be done anywhere, anyplace. You can incorporate joyful movements into work or in play.

No pain needed, only joyful movements.

So Easy To Learn Even A Child Can Do It

Crulse is a simple calibration procedure for mapping, coordinating, and calibrating the body's proprioception, motor skills, and spatial awareness.

Map Proprioceptive Senses (Mapping):

Proprioceptive senses signal body shape, body position and movement, and muscle force.

Coordinate Physical Movement (Coordinating):

Physical coordination is a motor skill that requires the integration of spatial perception and physical movement to achieve the desired result.

Calibrate Spatial Awareness (Calibrating):

Spatial awareness is an organized awareness of the objects—in the space around us—and an awareness of our body's position in that space; fine-tuning mapping and coordination.

Return to and maintain your youthful state of being.

Work or play, you can crulse anywhere, anyplace. ~ Gary William Birmingham, USAF Disabled Veteran

Crulse Procedure

Crulsing is achieved by simply exploring, discovering, and experiencing the body's natural movement. In three simple steps, actively turn weakness into strength. And one of the best parts - is it feels great!

Step One: Explore

Search, through movement, for weakness in the body by finding active feel-good sensory nerves throughout the body; this creates an accurate and precise mapping of your body.

Step Two: Discover

While exploring, work to discover all the active feel-good senses throughout the body and determine their needs; this helps improve your coordination.

Step Three: Experience

Fulfill the conditions needed and enjoy the body's rewards for taking care of its needs; this will fine-tune mapping and coordinating, bringing you back to your youthful state of being.