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Crulse is a simple calibration procedure for mapping, coordinating, and calibrating the body's proprioception and motor skills. Crulsing is achieved by simply exploring, discovering, and experiencing the body's natural movement.

#1 - Mapping

Map Proprioceptive Senses: Proprioceptive senses signal body shape, body position and movement, and muscle force.

#2 - Coordinating

Coordinate Physical Movement (Coordination): Physical coordination is a motor skill that requires the integration of spatial perception and physical movement to achieve the desired result.

#3 - Calibrating

Calibrate Spatial Awareness: Spatial awareness is an organized awareness of the objects in the space around us and an awareness of our body's position in that space.
Crulse Procedure

Crulse Procedure

In three simple steps, learn how to make weakness feel good by turning it into strength.

#1 - Explore

Search for active feel-good sensory nerves throughout the body to create an accurate and precise mapping.

#2 - Discover

While exploring, work to discover all the specific feel-good senses throughout the body and determine their needs.

#3 - Experience

Upon finding feel-good sensory nerves and determining their needs, fulfill the conditions and enjoy the body's rewards for taking care of its needs.
All the benefits of exercise without the exercise. Crulse Fit